About the club

Based conceptually in and around Hertfordshire, HUGSAC (BSAC 0380) used to be the University of Hertfordshire Sub Aqua Club, and before that, Hatfield Polytechnic Sub Aqua Club.  It probably had a different name before the days of the polytechnic being a polytechnic, but there aren’t too many members around who are that old!

Our members are just as happy with a 3-4m shore dive under Swanage Pier as they are with a 75m dive on the wrecks off Malin Head, and pretty much everything in between.

We don’t currently offer a ‘beginners’ training course, but if you’ve got your BSAC Ocean Diver, or have qualified under another agency (PADI for example) and want to build your experience in the ‘sport’, then get in touch with our committee and arrange a time to come along to meet some of the other members.

We’re a small club, with a limited selection of equipment to hire out, but as a result our overheads are very low.

We have a RIB based in Weymouth (but its available to be towed elsewhere), and for anything ‘big’ that requires rebreathers and stages, we just book spaces on charter boats as and when required.