So what diving have we done in the past and what do we have planned for the future?

The big trips this year (2016) are probably the Farne Islands (an annual jaunt for us) and Scapa Flow (another regular destination, this year marking a 40th and 60th birthday in the club).

In the past we have dived out of most of the harbours along the south coast of the UK, as well as Pembroke, the Isle of Man, western Scotland (including an attempt to reach the fabled St Kilda), and Northern Ireland.

Overseas, we’ve dived as a club in Menorca, Gozo, Malta, Egypt, the Seychelles and Truk Lagoon.  Individuals in the club have dived in South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, the Maldives, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.  And probably a few others…

We’ll post, in due course, some photos of some of these great diving destinations.